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Entry #5

.Please Come Back Home. *Storyline with Link for Video*

2009-07-24 16:35:25 by goldensandinn1

Vidder Link:


Sora's P.O.V

The last words I said and heard, they always got to me. Always did, and always will. But until the day i return to the Destiny Islands, and Kairi, I'll keep hope. I always will. I wanted Riku to come home with me. To see Kairi, his parents, his home. But he still thought we belonged to the darkness. He gave up. I didn't. "How will I face everyone?" he asked me. I wasn't sure. "We'll go together." I said to him, as light started to appear. Something just told me that was the door to light. "Yeah." he replied calmly.

We were two stars falling from the sky. Everything was changing, the world, us, everything. But Kairi remembered us. She knew we'd come back. She just knew it. And so those words, " I'll come back to you, I promise!" and "I know you will!" were replaced with, "We're back." and "Your home."

This video was made mostly for people who've lost loved ones. Such as Mom, or Dad, Or Grandpa or Grandma. Thanks, and make sure you comment and tell me how you liked everything. :)

.Please Come Back Home. *Storyline with Link for Video*


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